FitFlop Polar Sneaker

FitFlop Polar sneaker blackFitFlop Polar

Is it a sneaker or a boxing boot? Who knows? Who cares?

The new Polar from FitFlop does have strong hints of the boxing ring about it – or it’s just a high-top sneaker if you don’t have pugilistic leanings.

This is the very latest FitFlop offering for winter 2012 – so you might be lucky to find it. Click on the image, or the link to check availability at Amazon.

The upper is super soft suede, and the lining is a wonderfully cozy sheepskin which will keep you snug and warm in winter.

You can wear it laced all the way up or undo the laces and fold the top down for a casual, grungy look.

These come in black, sage, sunflower and brown sugar – although stocks are somewhat limited at this time.

As always with FitFlop, you get their special, ergonomically engineered Biomimetix™ sole. This is specially shaped to activate your muscles and to provide additional support to your feet.

The contact area between foot and shoe is increased, which reduces the average pressure on the soles of your feet. In plain English, they are very comfortable to wear. You’ll be able to “float like a butterfly” in these.

Stay warm, stay cozy and stay stylish this winter with these great looking FitFlop Polar boots/sneakers!

fitflop polar boots sneakers

 Check out FitFlop Polar on Amazon.